November 2006
Volume 9, Issue 3

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Prosperity in Your Living Room - CNN's Larry King Live with Law of Attraction Thinkers
Many of the people featured in the movie "The Secret" will be interviewed on Larry King Live's two part series "Beyond Positive Thinkers", airing on CNN Thursday, November 2nd and Thursday, November 9th at 9pm ET, 12am ET, 3am ET. Check your local listings for the exact schedule. Haven't seen "The Secret" yet? Go to: Thank you to Elyse Killoran, founder of the Prosperity Partnership and Choosing Prosperity for letting us know about this fabulous series!
{Missed the first show? Read the transcript here}


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"Restoring a sense of rhythm to our lives is crucial to discovering Wholeness."
- Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance

Are you IN SYNC with your body's rhythm?

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing color, the geese are flying south, the horses are growing fuzzy coats - all signs of winter approaching. What signs is your body showing of winter approaching?

Now based on my question, you may have a couple of possible reactions:

1) What? What do you mean "what winter signs is my body showing?"


2) I have no idea!


3) Now that I think about it, my body has been showing...


4) My body is showing...


5) None of the above (there's always a 'rebel' in the group :D)

Several years ago, I noticed that my body 'automatically' switched into fall/winter mode. The weather gets cooler and in one day, my body makes the switch. How do I know?

During the hot Texas summers, my body thrives on, loves, and even craves salads. Light, healthy, living foods. So I eat alot of salads. But come fall/winter, all of a sudden my body wants warm foods, like soups and breads and stews. And it doesn't want salads anymore. Interesting, huh?

This year, I knew it was coming, so I've been keeping an eye out for it. You know the cycle of learning: 1st you become aware of your behavior; then you only notice it afterwards, then you notice in the middle of the behavior and finally you notice before. I've been watching for the switchover and last week, it happened.

I'm amused at my behavior: looking up heavy, old-style European bread recipes on the Internet; gathering stew ingredients, realizing I need a new crock-pot for slow-cooking, and wanting to stock my pantry with lots of soups.

Another body sign of the impending winter is my body's desire to 'hibernate'. Well, not literally. (Although I love the idea). My body is less interested in moving; it's rhythm is slowing down.

During warmer months, I'm outside all the time, constantly active, being physical. Come cooler weather, my body just wants to stay inside and be cozy. And this is true for alot of you which is why we typically put on 5-7 pounds during the winter months.

My question to you is "Have you noticed these changes in your body?" If so, do you honor them, embrace them and give your body what it wants? If you're not honoring the changes, would you be willing to?

If you haven't noticed winter changes in your body, I invite you to pay attention for the next week and notice what your body is telling you. Consider it a deepening of your relationship with your body.

I've developed some strategies for staying fit during winter months; and I have to tell you, it's still a work in progress. If you have winter fitness strategies that work for you, I'd love to hear about them!

So far, my winter fitness strategies include:

* weight lifting to keep strength and tone, (I enjoy this, believe it or not!)

* exercise videos, like TaeBo, that get my heart pumping and get my body all warmed up on the inside and outside (see for a huge collection of exercise videos),

* taking advantage of sunny, warm daylight hours

* walking/hiking with my dogs and my fiancee

* dancing to my favorite tunes

* yoga or Pliates (that'll get your fire burning :D)


You might also consider these strategies:

* walking in the mall

* joining a fitness club and enjoying the facilities including hot tubs & massage

* taking up roller-blading, roller skating or bowling (indoor facilities available)

* swimming (health clubs and aquatic centers often have heated, indoor pools)

* amping up your regular household activities


Bottom line: Get Conscious about the changes in your body. Notice its rhythms, its cravings, its desires - it is trying to tell you something!

It may be hard to hear what it's saying at first over the rumble of the holidays which encourage us to *speed up*and your busy life; but keep listening! If you need inspiration, look outside to Mother Nature -

Seeing you embracing your body!

In Spirit,


Lauren Lee is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Prosperity Guide and author. Her passion is empowering women to awaken their spiritual gifts and their Divine life mission. She specializes in supporting women who have had a career in corporate America (where there is not much room for soul) and found the courage to leave it. Creating a strong, synergistic partnership with her clients, Lauren helps her clients find their voice, their courage, their inner fire and their unshakable core so they can build their successful, passionate, purposeful life (and profitable business).

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