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Resist Exercising?
Want to Know Why?
Date: MonthlyFee: FREE
Time: 3-4pm EasternCLICK FOR DATES
Instructor: Stephanie Wood, Body Knowledge™ Expert, Lifestyles Coach

Description: Your personality style has a favorite exercise. Do you want to know what yours is?

In this FREE , value rich, 1-hour Tele Class, I will introduce my "Active Personality ProfileŠ" and show you how you can use it to define your preferred movement/exercise style. We will explore the relationship between your personality style and what exercise works best for you.

Are you someone who loves to lace on runners wherever you are or ? Do you prefer the mind/body connection and flow of Yoga/Pilates? ? Do you like to sweat and push your body beyond its limits? or Would you rather walk with your toes in the sand?

By discovering your ideal movement/exercise style, you will be empowered to create a fitness strategy that you will look forward to, everyday!

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Ignoring your Body? Learn Body Talk 101
Date: MonthlyFee: FREE
Time: 3-4pm EasternCLICK FOR DATES
Instructor: Stephanie Wood, Body Knowledge™ Expert, Lifestyles Coach

Description: Come join Stephanie Wood in this engaging, participatory FR*EE Teleclass where you will experience a taste of how to tap into what your body is telling you so that you can make better choices in all areas of your life. Body Knowledge System A System for Living Do it your Way Stephanie Wood's Body Knowledge System gives you a framework for making choices that will match you and your needs. With this information, you live more fully and move easily in all areas of your life. Taking care of yourself gets easier, because you have learned how to converse with your Body instead of forcing him/her into an idea of what you think you should be doing.

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Survival Guide for Empaths, Clairsentients & Highly Sensitive Persons (E-Book)
Date: Anytime Fee: $14.95
Time: Anytime  
Instructor: Carolyn Wilson-Elliott

Description: This e-book includes the self-coaching techniques & strategies Master Spirit Coach, Carolyn Wilson-Elliott, uses with sensitive clients dealing with extreme overload. Includes activities and strategies for regaining and maintaining your energy, building a supportive community and on-going survival tips.

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Trusting Your Sensitivities as Divine Guidance E-Course
(for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons)
Date: Anytime Fee: $14.95
Time: Anytime SIGN UP NOW
Instructor: Carolyn Wilson-Elliott

Description: Empaths and HSPs - Receive 4 weekly lessons to explore, trust and act upon the Guidance offered up by your sensitivities. Includes activities, journaling prompts and one-on-one email support.. More information is available on our website: www.EmpathsandHSPs.com

*Note: The sign-up page will show Quantum Spirit International, our partner site for Empaths and HSPs.


We offer classes via teleconference calls (teleclasses) which are open to women everywhere.

Teleclasses are inexpensive, informative, evocative and very, very convenient. You can participate in a stimulating discussion with a trained facilitator and several engaging women from your desk, from your cell phone or even while, clad in your favorite robe and slippers, you are curled up in your easy chair with a cup of hot tea. What more could a busy woman want?

There are significant advantages to the teleclass format including a high level of intimacy, synergy among participants, a results-oriented focus and the opportunity to receive real-time personalized coaching from a highly trained expert experienced in facilitating group interactions.

To learn more about the advantages of the teleclass format, click here.

To read our Teleclass FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), click here.

To read our Satisfaction Guarantee, click here.

Comments from Our Teleclass Participants

"I'm not sure that I can put words to how I have felt since the call tonight. You have done a very wonderful thing by opening this door and creating this environment! I know I am not alone in feeling very, very grateful to you....It kind of filled a huge gap which was really enhanced with a connectiveness in tonight's call." Judy S.

"The teleclass last night was a wonderful experience. Your teleclass leadership style is great--energetic, affirming, and good pacing." Leslie C.

"Thank you so much for making this work available to me and all of us. I very much appreciated the teleconference. I hadn't realized how much this awareness of giftedness has been pervasive in my life. How it is a major drive in my pursuits and even in the activities or people I avoid. I love the 'community' forming here and would want to continue." Diane H.

"I have been at a loss for words regarding everything that began opening up for me after last week's get-together. So much is unfolding for me!" Jill J.

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