What My Clients Say

"I think on the outer, a big shift for me has been that the emotional charge around money has diminished. And I don't think I realized this until I started thinking about it today - but it has become more neutral - it's like the energy, say, of plants - in other words, it's just another type of energy. And along with dissipating the everyday emotional charge, it knocked off the highs and lows, getting excited or overwhelmed at the contemplation of large amounts of money or getting distressed about not having enough. Something about it shifted into a more neutral plane, and that feels very soothing and empowering. That has been a wonderful thing."

- Jana Jopson, Professional Instructional Designer and Certified Spiritual Life Coach http://www.craftingcontentwithspirit.com


"In the past month, I've won a $4500 marketing makeover, a $1500 scholarship, a pricey, top-notch Web designer who is working for barter, and a $500 bonus for technical writing. I am HOT on the money trail!"

- Ann Zuccardy, Cookiepreneur, Vermont Shortbread Company; and Writer - read Ann's BLOG: http://vermontshortblog.com


Lauren has coached me for over a year and I can honestly say my life has completely changed during that time!

When I first started with Lauren I was very drawn to a more spiritual way of living and working in the world and I had difficulty in connecting and trusting that it was truly Spirit that was guiding me.

Above all, Lauren helped me to feel safe and build my awareness, and really listen to my energy, to know the right answers for me. She supported me and guided me through some tricky situations and I always felt honoured and respected and loved by her. She helped me to use inspired actions and manage my emotions to move me forward. I attracted some amazing events, which took me to Africa and Namibia, right out of the blue!

Words cannot really express what Lauren did for me and so I ask that you read and hear and see these words with your heart. For that is what I learned - that my heart KNOWS.

I experience more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment than I have ever before and my business is reflecting that back to me.

- Ann Ross, New Perspectives


“I wanted a more intimate relationship with the world - relationships with people, God and the world. All of the doors have been opened. I see the value in all of these relationships. I couldn’t have done it without you. Coaching with you has been incredibly revealing of the potential I had and have and the limiting beliefs and how they are restricting me in moving forward.” - Lisa Akers


"Coaching with you has been so beneficial - I have grown in so many ways! I am more of who I am. I am peaceful, confident, empowered. All the things I wanted." - NG


"As a result of working with you, I am now living in the place of my dreams, I have a job that I love, I spend more time with my family, I make time for me, and I am connected with my Light within. I used to be so stressed, worked all the time, felt guilty about my family, and just wanted to chuck it all!" - PB




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- unknown

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