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Are you living your dream life?


You tried living it for others? Your parents, your husband, your children, your work...

You tried following someone else's idea of success? Climbing the corporate ladder, or getting married or buying a house or having 2.5 kids...

Are you ready to live life your way, on your own terms?

Are you ready to stop Being Nice and instead BE REAL?  

If you answered Yes and you're serious about living your dreams, then contact me to arrange a consultation

If not now, WHEN?

In Spirit,


Lauren Lee is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Prosperity Guide and author. Her passion is empowering women to awaken their spiritual gifts and their Divine life mission. Creating a strong, synergistic partnership with her clients, Lauren helps her clients find their voice, their courage, their inner fire and their unshakable core so they can build their successful, passionate, purposeful life (and profitable business).

Working Together, you will:

* Experience support to encourage you, empower you, see you for who your truly are (not your problems) and hold your vision with you

* Access prescreened, high-quality, high-value systems, tools and resources to create your life and business; and then choose what's right for you

* Partner with a Certified Prosperity Guide and Certified Master Spiritual Life Coach to clear out those old, nagging thoughts and beliefs that get in your way and slow you down

* Access to your deepest Soul's desires and creating your life from the inside-out

* Harness your own Intuitive Guidance that always knows what's right for you

* Create a crystal clear vision of what you are truly wanting

* Find your voice and speak your Truth - asking for what you want and need

* Take authentic action based on your vision, dreams and goals - consistently.

* Use the Laws of Attraction to attract customers, partners, business and resources with ease

* Keep your courage muscle strong so you can step outside your comfort zone to create a life you love!

And most importantly,

* Become the woman you need to be ON THE INSIDE to be successful on your terms on the outside

Can't wait to get started? Then consider becoming one of my select individual coaching clients. (I work with a small number of individual clients at a time, usually 10 or less, so space is limited.)

Click Here to arrange a consultation with Lauren


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