Welcome... to Women's U.--the first virtual educational community created by, for and about contemporary women. All of our courses (we call them "teleclasses") are presented over the telephone via up-to-date teleconference technology. Women from all over the world come together to enjoy highly interactive and personalized life-enhancement programs--from the comfort and convenience of their own telephones.

Women's U. has been built on a feminine model of interdependence and cooperation. The offerings you see here are the result of a collaborative effort by a team of dedicated workshop leaders and professional coaches with one mission: to equip women all over the globe with the strategies, systems & support that will enable them to grow and prosper in the 21st century.

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At Women’s U. we honor your commitment to live by your own lights and to settle for nothing less than the rich, full life that is your due. We invite you to come together with other women from around the world who have similar hopes, dreams and aspirations. Together we will create a future unlike the past--one that supports, nourishes and enhances our sense of who we are and what we are here to accomplish.


"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,
because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."
- Audrey Hepburn

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