The Energy of Money Book Club/Success Group–
A Spiritual Guide to Financial & Personal Fulfillment

being able to approach your finances with a sense of optimism, clarity and openness, instead of dread. “Money is congealed energy”, said Joseph Campbell, “and releasing it releases life’s possibilities.”  In her book, The Energy of Money, Dr. Maria Nemeth draws upon her more than twenty years’ experience in synthesizing spiritual and practical techniques to create a revolutionary program for freeing your financial energy to achieve personal life goals and financial wealth.– from The Energy of Money

Whether you're struggling with money or want to take your money income to the next level, this Book Club/Success Group can take you there!

I have explored the subjects of Abundance and Prosperity for years and Dr. Nemeth’s The Energy of Money is a brilliant  blend of inner work and practical outer work – you must have both to succeed!

I’m passionate about this material and want to share it with you in a format that will inspire you, support you and challenge you – in a loving way – to transform your relationship with money.


Dr. Nemeth has personally given me her blessing to offer this to you!

We believe you will receive incredible value and results from participating! If you do the work, your life *will* change!


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This is a no-risk, two-week evaluation of the Energy of Money Book Club for $2 - two weeks, two bucks. You will have two weeks to experience the book club before committing. There is only the $2 charge prior to the moment that you declare your interest in continuing for the full 12 weeks.

** New and Improved for 2006 **

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"In the past month, I've won a $4500 marketing makeover, a $1500 scholarship, a pricey, top-notch Web designer who is working for barter, and a $500 bonus for technical writing. I am HOT on the money trail!" - Ann Zuccardy, Cookiepreneur, Vermont Shortbread Company; and Writer - read Ann's BLOG:

Co-facilitated by Master Spirit Coaches Lauren Lee and Frederick Whitmeyer, this Book Club/Success Group* is part book club, part success group, part mastermind and part group coaching. If you are one of those people (like me), who find it challenging to complete a book on your own time, especially one with exercises and interactive processes, then this Book Club/Success Group is designed for you.

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